OF 2019/2020 CLASSES

Our high formation training is composed by annual individual classes, analytic and historical insights and summer Masterclasses Activities. Students will be able to improve their solo repertoire, concerts with orchestra, orchestral excerpts (violin and cello solo).
The insight offer frequency is not mandatory but recommended and does not involve additional fee.

Classes are opened to Italian citizens and foreigners from all over the world, without age limit, upon the admission exam SENDING A LINK OF A VIDEO .
Exceptions to the admission test may be allowed only in exceptional cases, for particular and recognized artistic qualities or awards in international competitions, upon valuation and written approval of the Accademia Genova Musica Director.

Music specialization classes for 2019 are addressed
to violin, cello and piano.

Our teachers

Genova Musica includes professors of proven fame and internationally active in the world of music.

Massimo Quarta


Luca Franzetti

Simone Pedroni

Michele Trenti


Dates of Masterclasses

Will take place in our venue
18th of Dicember, 2018
Violin class

12th and 13th of January, 2019
Cello and Piano classes

9th and 10th of February, 2019
Violin, cello and piano classes
9th and 10th of March, 2019
Violin, cello and piano classes
6th and 7th of April, 2019
Violin, cello and piano classes
11th and 12th of May, 2019
Violin, cello and piano classes
8th and 9th of June, 2019
Violin class

15th and 16th of June, 2019
Cello and piano classes



The 2019 program id divided into six one-hour-and-half classes from January to June and from October to June from the next coming years (a total of 9 hours).
A 2019 class (and three for the 2019\20 ) will be held by world fame guest teachers.
To each student of the piano program 3 daily hours are guaranteed to study piano, available for actual students, to be booked compulsorily at the academic office.
During the academic year will be organized concerts and live performances: these events are held to show our students’ skills at academic spaces and to be considered part of the training program offered by Genova Musica in collaboration with teachers in chamber music or soloist training (dates and programs to be organized and agreed with the teachers).
The frequency of classes and performances, concerts etc. is mandatory.
Non-attendance to classes or admission exams won’t be refunded.


How to sign up for admission test
Admission request must be send at the academic office before the 1st of December, 2018, SENDING THE LINK OF A VIDEO OF YOUR OWN .
Documents to attach with the request of admission

  • artistic bio and specific repertoire;
  • ID or passport copy;
  • chosen musical program;


    • ID or passport copy.
    • receipt of payment of the association fee.



Actual Students
  • € 50 association fee
  • € 560 year tuition (one 1-30h-class for month from January to June, with a total of 9 hours)
Auditor students
The piano, violin and cello classes are open to listeners paying a subscription fee and an admission ticket every class requested.

  • € 50 association fee
  • € 10 single day

Non saranno ammessi alle lezioni gli allievi che non risultino in regola con il pagamento delle tasse di frequenza.

How to pay
Payments could be made by:

  • wire transfer on bank account
    causal of the transfer “Corsi di perfezionamento”
  • by Paypal

Want to sign up for the admission test ?


Phone: +39 340 8066480 — Email: